Thursday, 1 July 2010

Three Chairs

I like chairs. I have alot* of them. I will probably have more.

Here's one of my favourites - upright, simple, sturdy and very useful for hanging a jacket on. This chair is typical of a kind of country chair made in Wales in the early to mid 19th Century.

Now the next one is fairly utilitarian looking and typically 1930's in style. Although not conventionally pretty, it's probably the most comfortable dining chair in the world - in my view. Once you're in - you're in - there's no squirming about here and it doesn't dig into your spine at just the wrong place. And the seat can accommodate the more generously proportioned without fear of any uncomfy thigh overflow.

My garden chair of choice would be the Luxembourg chair - the Low Stackable I like alot. It was originally produced in 1923 for Les Jardins du Luxembourg in Paris. This distinctive chair was redesigned in 2004 by Frederic Sofia and is now made from aluminium instead of steel. It comes in lots of nice colours and probably ages well too.

Luxembourg Chairs via here

* Most are hand-me-downs. 

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