Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bowling Smash

........... is a game invented by a seven year old boy.

These are the rules we played by today:
(Subject to change depending upon location, weather or anything else.)

1. Find a willing opponent.

2. Pick your team from the selection of small, toy figures you may have.
In this case pirates, knights, damsels, and 'various'. 

3. Arrange your units as illustrated in the photographs above and
top image below. 

4. Assume the 'attack' position to the side.

5. With your ball - rubber/ping-pong/golf even - take
turns to roll it towards the figures in the opposing team.

6. Out of three or five rounds, the one who knocks down 
the most members of their opponents team
is the winner.

7. Break for elevenses.

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