Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Eat Cake. Raise Money

Liberty London Girl posted this and inspired me to contribute something baked to the Cakes for Japan fund raiser where all proceeds will be going directly to the Red Cross.

The pop-up cake shop will be open on Friday 18th March 2011 at Maiden, 188 Shoreditch High Street London EC2 and the organisers are encouraging people to host similar events nation/world wide.

I thought I'd just mention that the Cakes for Japan (London) event raised over £2000 in just three hours! Visit here if you want to read more.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

50 Words: Comfort Food

There is a tin foil and greaseproof paper covered bowl in my fridge that holds a Christmas pudding.

We thought we were too full to eat it at the proper time but maybe we just couldn’t.

I think I’m hungry for the taste of that pudding.

My mum made it.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

I Love This

My son's drawing of Jeremiah Obadiah Jackanory Jones, the protagonist of this wonderful book.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Me I Am. Am I?

Some days it seems like nothing gets resolved: Several starts but no finishes, flitting between one task and another and misplacing energy where there's no potential. A battle with indecision and ultimately defeat by inertia. And I can't work out what to wear.

Take the past day or so. I've been tinkering with how the blog looks hoping that I might be able to smarten it (me) up a little.  At various times - in between sock matching and other kinds of work avoidance - I've removed the profile photo, replaced it with one of me and changed it again only to end up back where I started. 

So at around 9.30pm (GMT) - if you'd have been passing through - you might have caught a glimpse of me. But when I published that particular draft of me I didn't look like the me I thought I was - am - and reverted to the little shoe picture which is, in fact, far more sweet and colourful than my own real self.

Something similar happened with the blogger header - currently wearing Futura medium, lower case in dark red, likely to change later. Earlier today it was fancily dressed up with a photo I took last Friday of the South Bank at night - all lights and mood with artfully arranged text on top. Then I discovered that another blog features almost exactly the same view on its header and I thought I should take mine down.

And now I'm back where I began it's been all change and no change. I'll have to start again tomorrow with a better end in mind.