Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Me I Am. Am I?

Some days it seems like nothing gets resolved: Several starts but no finishes, flitting between one task and another and misplacing energy where there's no potential. A battle with indecision and ultimately defeat by inertia. And I can't work out what to wear.

Take the past day or so. I've been tinkering with how the blog looks hoping that I might be able to smarten it (me) up a little.  At various times - in between sock matching and other kinds of work avoidance - I've removed the profile photo, replaced it with one of me and changed it again only to end up back where I started. 

So at around 9.30pm (GMT) - if you'd have been passing through - you might have caught a glimpse of me. But when I published that particular draft of me I didn't look like the me I thought I was - am - and reverted to the little shoe picture which is, in fact, far more sweet and colourful than my own real self.

Something similar happened with the blogger header - currently wearing Futura medium, lower case in dark red, likely to change later. Earlier today it was fancily dressed up with a photo I took last Friday of the South Bank at night - all lights and mood with artfully arranged text on top. Then I discovered that another blog features almost exactly the same view on its header and I thought I should take mine down.

And now I'm back where I began it's been all change and no change. I'll have to start again tomorrow with a better end in mind.


  1. I am kind of stuck in the look of my blog too, I tried to change it several times and always wind up changing it back. :)

    Sometimes I blame it on the computer...

  2. Keep exploring, but I like the look - except I want to see you! Tease. ;)

  3. Shopgirl - I'm just letting the blog hang as it is at the moment - a little undressed!

    Jayne - I think I should focus a bit more on the content!

    Thank you both for your comments. It's always lovely to receive responses.