Wednesday, 9 March 2011

50 Words: Comfort Food

There is a tin foil and greaseproof paper covered bowl in my fridge that holds a Christmas pudding.

We thought we were too full to eat it at the proper time but maybe we just couldn’t.

I think I’m hungry for the taste of that pudding.

My mum made it.


  1. Nice! It's a little old though, isn't it? ;)

  2. So beautifully written, I can't believe this is only 50 words. I almost cried at the last line. Please be well.


  3. My mum always makes my Christmas pudding & every year we have some left over that I hate to throw away. Can't believe you wrote something that set me thinking so much, in just 50 words. Great!

  4. Jayne - Good question.

    I probably should have said this underneath:

    I don't know if there is a similar tradition outside of the UK/Ireland but here, these dried fruit - and sometimes alcohol laden puddings - are often made up to a year in advance and are known for their keeping qualities.

    They are cooked before storing and then boiled (for hours) again and are sometimes doused in brandy and set alight for a moment of drama.

    (The more I type the stranger it all sounds!)

    They can be a bit of an acquired taste and they look positively medieval - very dark and rich.

  5. Shopgirl - Thank you - I'm well. Hope you are.

    Sharon - Thank you. I actually started off with something much more elaborate in mind.

    Lovely that your mum makes you a pud!

  6. Nicely written. Perfect 50 words post :)

  7. Starlight - Thanks for the comment. Although I discovered that 50 words doesn't leave a lot of room for description or explanation!

  8. My mother keeps Christmas pudding and mince pies in the cupboard until well beyond Easter so you're fine! (I've never trusted her sell-by date theories, however).

    Miss W

  9. Miss W - It's a relief to know I'm not the only storing this sort of thing! Thanks for stopping by.