Monday, 27 September 2010

Secret Gardens

I'm currently in a wistful frame of mind and have been thinking of - amongst other things - places and spaces.

These charming gardens (below) struck me as inspiring and beautiful and would be somewhere I'd happily transport myself for calm or escape.

I will now guide you over to Spitalfields Life where you can see more lovely photographs and read about the man who created these magical oases.

“Nature doesn’t make gardens, people make gardens. 
And the story of a garden is always the story of a person.” 
Monty Don

Photographs from Spitalfields Life

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Next Of Kin

My darling Mum died just over a week ago.

Here she is with my Dad in a photograph taken
around 1970. I came across it after sorting through
my father's papers after he died last year.

If you've a mo, and fancy
listening to something a little sentimental,
here's Al Bowlly.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cheerio For A Bit

I will be off-line for a short while - but I will be returning as soon as I can - so I'll leave you with this image of Lago di Tenno in Trento, Italy. 

Monday, 6 September 2010

Little Boots

This illustration is from a children's activity book (c.1961) I found in Ludlow (again). It was issued by a footwear company called Kiltie. 

Image via here

I hadn't any intention of doing a back-to-school related post, it just turned out that way after I came across the image of the three jolly jumping girls in their Kiltie shoes.

My own feet were shod in Clarks as a child - many of them heavy, clumpy numbers that I tried to keep crease-free in the toe area by walking in a flat-footed kind of way that irritated my Mum.

And perhaps this is revealing too much, but I remember wanting to wear the mint condition shoes in bed as well. Really.