Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday Evening

I'd hoped for more words than pictures this week but it's half term.

Here are some photos of today's walk. Apparently it's the same walk we always go on - the never different one, the always the same one - which caused a bit of a hoo ha on exiting the compound.

Towards Tower Bridge and The City

East towards Canary Wharf

Thursday, 17 February 2011

100 Words: Pens, Paper, Pocket

I'm not certain how I ended up with three pens in that pocket but the discovery of such treasure makes me feel rich.

Elsewhere on my person I've got receipts and bits and tat jostling around in a just in case jumble. 

And adding shape to my formless bag slash sack is an empty yet weighty last year's diary re-commissioned for this year's great ideas. 

They could come any minute. They might all arrive at once. But I'm ready for them - equipped. I've got the instruments, the implements, the tools, the supplies.

I count the pens again - one, two, three. 

With thanks to Baglady and Mr. London Street for the original 100 Words idea.

Monday, 14 February 2011


I found this tiny picture in a shoe box with some other bits and bobs.

Maude was my great grandma and I'm guessing she was in her late teens when this portrait was painted. The inscription on the reverse reads:

To Harry 
With Love From Maude.

Harry & Maude were married in 1906. 

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Nothing Happening Here

Dear Reader,

I'll be direct -

I'm stuck.

See those letters below? I'd like to be able to arrange them into words, sentences and paragraphs - perhaps with an engaging thread running through.

But it's not happening.

If you feel at all moved to respond to this dilemma with an idea as to how I might get unstuck - I'd be most grateful.



Wednesday, 2 February 2011