Thursday, 17 February 2011

100 Words: Pens, Paper, Pocket

I'm not certain how I ended up with three pens in that pocket but the discovery of such treasure makes me feel rich.

Elsewhere on my person I've got receipts and bits and tat jostling around in a just in case jumble. 

And adding shape to my formless bag slash sack is an empty yet weighty last year's diary re-commissioned for this year's great ideas. 

They could come any minute. They might all arrive at once. But I'm ready for them - equipped. I've got the instruments, the implements, the tools, the supplies.

I count the pens again - one, two, three. 

With thanks to Baglady and Mr. London Street for the original 100 Words idea.


  1. This is lovely, one of the best 100 words piece I've read. I want to say the load I cart around sounds like yours, but in reality yours is at least one idea richer and I suspect many more. :)

  2. Excellent piece - it's particularly impressive to get something like this across in 100 words. Love it!

  3. Shopgirl - That's very kind of you to say so. Good to know I'm not alone in carrying around a load of 'stuff'!

    Baglady - Thank you. I really liked writing this one.