Monday, 14 February 2011


I found this tiny picture in a shoe box with some other bits and bobs.

Maude was my great grandma and I'm guessing she was in her late teens when this portrait was painted. The inscription on the reverse reads:

To Harry 
With Love From Maude.

Harry & Maude were married in 1906. 


  1. This is so very cool! I love this, and what a great reminder of the love of your family on Valentine's day

  2. Dani - It's a very sweet thing that picture isn't it? Like you say it's nice to stretch the Valentine theme a bit to cover other kinds of love other than just the romantic sort.

  3. What? Harold and Maude?! (Referring to the movie of the same name, I mean it's not often you hear of a Harold and Maude coupling.) That's what struck me first.
    No, actually what struck me first was the treasure of a photo you have. Beautiful!
    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. :)

  4. Jayne - I know - crazy isn't it? I think of the film too. Must try to get hold of it.

    My kids are more into the whole valentine's day thing than I am and gave each other (and us) some chocolate bars. That's more my thing I think than the flowers/meal out/huge pressure shebang!

  5. What a lovely family keepsake to have. I hope it has stayed out of the shoebox and been put on display.

  6. SmG - It's in and out of the box I'm afraid. I don't think my home is particularly safe for really precious things due to children and an inquisitive cat.

    But your comment has inspired me to acquire some kind of special treasure trove it could live in instead.

    Thank you so much for stopping by.