Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Nothing Happening Here

Dear Reader,

I'll be direct -

I'm stuck.

See those letters below? I'd like to be able to arrange them into words, sentences and paragraphs - perhaps with an engaging thread running through.

But it's not happening.

If you feel at all moved to respond to this dilemma with an idea as to how I might get unstuck - I'd be most grateful.




  1. Oh, this made me chuckle. Not at your dilemma, but the way you presented it. I pictured Scrabble tiles, spaced evenly, impaled through the center by a long string, and held at each end by your hands spread wide.
    And you, trying to tear your sensible feet from goo.
    See how good you are. ;)
    Go read some Capote.

  2. Jayne - Glad it made you smile. Your comment made me think that I really should consider taking a more lateral approach to things. Thank you.