Tuesday, 20 July 2010

This Is Ludlow

We went to lovely Ludlow for the week end. The flat we stayed in was an ancient and very individual place but absolutely perfect for us.

Sleeping Quarters
The compact kitchen - which was in the main bed/living room - had been fashioned out of an antique three-door wardrobe. I would have taken a photo of the outside but the mirrored middle section reflected the incredible mess we managed to make within minutes of arriving. 

The little oven on the right of the picture below is a 'Baby Belling' and the sink on the left was equally petite at about 20cm square - very sweet. I was glad I hadn't planned on making anything more demanding than a cup of tea here though. 

We didn't really spend any time in the little walled garden but it was a beautiful space to gaze upon first thing in the morning when I photographed it.

Out and About
This first image is the window display of Material - a gallery/shop I've mentioned before. The one below it is the postage stamp machine my seven year old became intrigued by. He was desperate to pop a fifty pence piece in the slot for a book of stamps but sadly it was out of order. However, he was thrilled when he discovered I'd taken a photo of it.

The three jugs in the bottom photograph are by Andrew Crouch of The Marches Pottery in Mill Street. At the back of his shop there's a window where you can see him producing these pieces at his wheel. It's mesmerising to watch him at work.

The River Teme at Dinham Bridge
This is a great spot for skimming stones or resting for a bite to eat at the cafe. Whenever we come to Ludlow we spend ages here duck watching, people gazing or just sitting. We were in need of the restorative power of 'green' as we'd not been out of the city for a long while.  

...... Needless to say we weren't really ready to come home. 

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  1. Everything looks so charming! What a great weekend getaway. :)