Friday, 30 July 2010

Few And Far

Here are some photos of Few and Far in South Kensington. I'd been meaning to go and take a look inside for a while.

The shop has a very calm, airy feel to it with a birdsong soundtrack playing in the background. (I liked this idea alot and think I might try it at home.)

Despite the fact that pretty much everything in Few and Far was highly desirable - and some of it was also on sale - we decided to be cautious with our spending and left only with four 10p Chupa Chups lollies. (I was there with two of my children who deserved a treat for following me around the V&A and very kindly carrying the bags whilst I'd been giving a tour at the museum just before.)

But as someone who is always drawn to blue and white, the ceramics in the bottom picture by Sue Binns were right up my street - those elegant vases and jugs would definitely be something I would save up for.

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