Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Despite the name of this blog I really am no expert on footwear. But in the shoe department (of my mind) there is something that's been taking up thought time recently:

Casual Footwear That Could Also Be Sporty Sometimes 
(or Sporty Footwear That Could Also Be Casual Sometimes)

Now the shoe that immediately comes to mind in this category would have to be Converse All-Stars.

Let me say that I like them. I know that they come highly recommended and tick all the practicality/style/colour choice boxes. And they sure look nice on the small feet of the little people I know and also on the not so little feet of some of the big people I know.

However I'd like to offer up an alternative here. It's the B2 (or any other style really) by Spring Court.

Now I actually own a pair of these (in grey) and I like them alot. Mine are a bit worn in (out?) now and could probably do with being replaced but they are just so comfy. They truly are. Honestly - I almost bounce in mine and I can walk for miles in them. Here is the reason:

Spring Courts Have Arch Supports.

Yes sir, they do.

And it's that one, thoughtful little detail that not only gladdens my heart but adds brio to my step and could also potentially prevent all kinds of foot/ankle/leg/back related nasties. Hurrah.

Now - if this is of interest to you, have a look here and then here.

Above photos found on the net. I'm sorry I can't remember where exactly.

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