Sunday, 16 May 2010

On Prescription

Some new additions to the bookshelf perhaps?

No - I jest. This handsome quartet is in fact part of a range of chocolate from New Zealand confectioners Bloomsberry & Co. They look lovely don't you think?

Here's how I happened upon them. Whilst out doing an earnest stick-to-the-list-don't-deviate-we're-time-limited grocery shop, a moment of weakness drew me to the chocolate section. Your Honour, there had been absolutely no intention to purchase confectionary but on this occasion I was unable to resist the pretty colours. And the packaging. And the name. Emergency Chocolate - What a brilliant idea! It tickled me so much that I couldn't fight the compulsion to purchase. In the spirit of its medicinal look, and to make right my wrong, I will dispense said chocolate to the needy. Please do not judge me harshly.

Although chocolate season is supposed to be over - it isn't. That's because ice cream season can't officially begin until it gets a bit warmer. As temperatures in the UK have not yet reached Ben & Jerry's degrees centigrade, the consumption of aforementioned confectionary may continue until over-(h)eating forces vest/coat/cardi removal.

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