Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bermondsey Blooms

I was called outside by the sunshine.

Below are some photos I took of the delicate Forget-me-nots that have colonised the back garden. I'm happy to let these little fellows meander through the flower bed as they please. Forget-me-not is such a sweet sweet name for a flower that's associated with love and rememberance. 

There is a medieval legend which relates the tale of an armoured knight who was walking with his lady-love along the banks of a river. As he stooped to pick some flowers the knight tumbled into the water. Before drowning he threw the posy of flowers to his love and called out, "Forget me not." 

Norfolk-based company Old Town - see and read this over at  'A Bloomsbury Life' - have used a pretty floral print called 'Bermondsey in Bloom' which looks like it could have been inspired by the delightful Forget-me-not.

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