Thursday, 27 May 2010

Gone Fishing

I went here for a browse.

I made a purchase which was very nicely wrapped.

This is what I bought.

These prints are from the
Liberty Art Fabrics/V&A Shop
limited edition collection which were
produced to celebrate the V&A's
quilts exhibition.
At £11.50 per metre they are a little
less expensive than the classic Liberty print range.
See here for the full set.

Close-ups of the ones I bought:

I will attemtpt to sew some of this charming fabric 
into something requiring only straight-line machining.
(Rookie seamstress.) 
I will - of course - post the results of my efforts.


  1. I love the last in the photos series - dandelion clocks perhaps - and could imagine it as a smock shirt or maybe with pintucks. I shall have to dream on for now.