Monday, 24 May 2010

Clothes Care

I'm so glad I found you.


Quality control has been in touch. They say this post is 'lacklustre' - no colour and no punch. It is without any of the necessary qualities that would make it an arresting blog entry and also - apparently - I 'know too much' about clothes moths and could I please illustrate with more interesting pictures.

I say - project yourselves forward a few months, wait until the temperature drops and feel the pain of that moment when you reach for another layer to put on but then discover that those favourite sweaters/scarves/coats are no longer the complete and useful articles you presumed they'd be but a series of holes held together by the threads of said garments and merely a suggestion of what they once were.

Feel it.

And then whisper - 'next year I won't be caught out. Next year I'm going to store my woollens in a John Lewis lavender scented anti moth bag (or similar)'.

Then it won't hurt any longer.

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  1. How can anyone 'know too much' about moths and their destructive ways with our clothing ? I say, tell us all, spare us no detail in order to equip us properly in the ongoing battle!