Friday, 11 June 2010

Poster Post

I've been doing some research for a couple of small design jobs and came across some great vintage and contemporary posters. Thought it would be nice to share.

The first three images are by a British designer called Daphne Padden some of whose poster designs were recently discovered during escalator removal work at Notting Hill Gate tube station in London. To see more of what was found there take a look here.

all via here

They are all just so cheerful - definitely from a bygone era. 
Interestingly Daphne Padden's father, Percy Padden, was also 
an artist and he too produced some truly distinctive images. 
Here's an example of one of his: 

And now for something contemporary. 
These three are from General Pattern 
which is the website of artist James Brown. 

I really like the idea of adding 
the NATO phonetic alphabet to my skill set.

Here's some work by New York 
based design company Onetwentysix

The next trio are from the website of Jon Contino who
is part of the Onetwentysix team. I'm an absolute sucker for
some hand drawn or artfully arranged lettering.
 If this sort of thing is your cup
of tea - rush over to see some of his beautiful work. 

And that concludes tonight's poster presentation. 
I shall be back with more very soon. 
Do enjoy the weekend -
and here's to hoping we have some fine weather for it.

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