Wednesday, 16 June 2010

One Lump or Two?

Tea - the drinking of - is important in this house. We are fairly brand loyal and are pretty routine about consumption. A typical day (tea-referenced) at Sensible Towers:

1. Morning alarm which could be any of the following: child/pet/clock.
2. Request for tea in bed. Not from me.
3. I don't get up. It's not my turn. And anyway, I don't want tea in bed.
4. Tea is brought up to me by The Kind One and I promise I'll make it tomorrow.
5. A decent second cup from the pot is unlikely as (only a theory) hard water doesn't hold the heat.
6. It's coffee after 9am and tea again after 3pm.

It's quite clear from the above that we are suffering from an acute case of habit-bound die-hardedness. There is no known treatment.

I'll pop the kettle on.

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