Monday, 7 November 2011

100 Words: Style Counsel

I haven't taken off my jacket even though I've been home for ages. Covering up has become a comfy habit I can't shrug.

My children suggest a makeover involving lipstick and dresses and a face mask of fruit they saw being made on TV.

I look in the mirror, smile at their hopes and try to bend a length of hair across my forehead to see if I'd suit a fringe.

"What do you think?"

"Go on mum - take a risk, make an effort. Otherwise you're always just going to be a forty year old woman in a coat."


  1. ha - a bit of humor tinged with a lot more other emotions. Well done!

  2. LOL! Oh, the title is just perfect! (And what's the problem with a forty year old woman in a coat? She asks.)

    Glad to see you back, SF. Great 100! :)

  3. Awww... how sweet. Very funny too! I like coats too - and I'm 26. Tell your nippers that! ;-)

  4. Hello - it's great to read something from you again - it's been far too long!
    One day they'll be stealing your clothes - trust me, I know.

  5. I wear my coat for ages when I come in at night sometimes. Although that's because the house we live in is freezing cold. Nice 100 words, I like the way you mixed a little emotion with some comedy.

  6. Shopgirl - Thank you. Wish I had a few one-liners of my own.

    Jayne - Yeah - what's so wrong with it? Kids can be so judgemental.

    Lizzie - Lovely of you to leave a comment. And I'll definitely pass that on to my 'advisers'.

    Sharon - Thanks. It has been a while. Am a bit rusty.

    Dicky - Good to know I'm not alone with the coat thing.

    Thanks to all for leaving comments, particularly as my blog's been dormant for such a long time. Really lovely to read your responses.