Thursday, 23 June 2011

Postcard From London

The South Bank from Golden Jubilee Bridge.


  1. How lovely. Summer vacation? Enjoy your trip.

  2. Hi Shopgirl - Thanks. I've been 'absent' (blogging wise) for weeks so it was lovely to see your comment pop up.

    Actually I live about a mile south of the tower in the middle of the photo!

    Really wishing I was on holiday somewhere green, empty, mountainous, non-concrete.....

  3. Oh wow--that is a great photo. Wouldn't I love to live about a mile from that bridge!
    Hope all is well! :-)

  4. I go up to London Bridge on business most weeks and its been great to see the Shard growing taller and taller.

  5. Jayne - Thank you. It was a particularly moody sky that night. Just before a storm I think and, with all those lights and the not-yet-finished glass Shard in the centre, everything looked sort of sci-fi from where I was standing. (Shamefully late response to your comment - I'm sorry.)

    Dicky - I can't wait for the Shard to be finished. It's going to look incredible.