Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Despite the fact that I enjoy baking and seem to do quite a lot of it, I don't actually have much of a sweet tooth. I'm much more inclined to munch on Twiglets than cake, even for a special occasion.

However, yesterday would have been my mother's birthday and, rather than brush past the anniversary, I felt it would be right to prepare something celebratory and a little indulgent.

So I made chocolate brownies. It's probably the sort of thing she might have done - accompanied, perhaps, with a glass of something sparkling and good company.


  1. Absolutely the right thing to do - celebratory and a little indulgent. I hope the baking and eating brought with them some happy memories.

  2. Sharon - Thank you. We ate. We enjoyed!

  3. I think there can be few better ways to be remembered than to be enjoyed in the shape of a brownie!! well done....