Monday, 29 November 2010

100 Words: Suitcase

In another time the red suitcase was used for short trips to Nefyn or maybe Chester. Packed full for Christmas family fortnights too, it held folded blouses, skirts and slacks, woollens, a silk scarf and some sturdy shoes for walks plus patents for best.

Never far from home, the case wasn't bought for a turn around an airport carousel or to display international tags and stickered ticket stubs. Nothing foreign in its frilly inner pockets either. Then.

Passed on when its owner had also, the suitcase became a stuffed and stationary holdall for musty family matter. 

And postcards from abroad. 

100 Words is an idea from Bag Lady 


  1. Like it - well done. Next November get yourself signed up for the 50,000 nanowrimo epic!

    Ali x

  2. Ali - Thank you. Might need a bit more practice before attempting the nanowrimo!

  3. Lucy-- this is a beautiful blog! I have been "strolling around," and I'm really loving your very simple "this is just what I'm thinking about right now" approach to the whole thing.

    So thank you! I'm new here, so I'm still surfing around trying to find things I like.

    I would love a visit from you! (Or anyone is welcome welcome, of course.) See you again!

  4. Dani - Can I call you that? Thank you so much for your kind comment. I'll pop over to yours now.