Monday, 25 October 2010


I feel as if I've missed Autumn - I don't think I've been paying attention. Others have though, so I'd like to direct you towards here and here for some beautiful Autumn inspired words.

Seasonal show time in our garden is dominated by a daring performance from an attention seeking (and dominant) Virginia Creeper with leaves that change from green to red as early as August.

It looks like a limp garland now - just a few straggly leaves stuck to the bare twigs. It peaked early.

No matter - there's still one final party turn to come from our little tree which seems to hang on as long as it can before providing a final display of Autumnal magic before hunkering down until the Spring. I'll try to look out for that.

* sorry - unimaginative title for what's supposed to be one of the most inspiring times of year


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