Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Gallery Guide: Ceramics At The V&A

I find teapots so cheering.

The cabinets in the Ceramics galleries at the Vand A contain armies of them along with shelves, high and long, of every kind of tile, bowl and vessel you could imagine. Some truly ancient, some highly contemporary and everything - and I mean everything - else in between.

(Good to know those Bauhaus folk took time out for a brew.)

And at the far end of the galleries are Richard Slee's beautiful but useless ceramic household objects. Made specifically for the gallery's fixed display cases, his exhibit is called 'From Utility to Futility'. 

It was probably the bright colours and cartoonish forms, but this display buoyed me - I've been in need of some humour. Ceramic hammer? Brilliant.


  1. Was in the V&A for the first time a couple of weeks ago and loved it! Only saw a couple of galleries though - will just need to go back :-)

    Ali x

  2. Hello Ali - thanks for stopping by.

    The V&A's great isn't it? Nice shop too.

  3. beautiful. I remember buying my mum some tea cups on legs just like these ones ( only cheaper ! )

  4. Sarah - Welcome.

    I've got a memory of having a cup on legs too!

  5. Love the china photos. So colorful :-)

  6. art2cee2 - Welcome! Thanks for your comment.