Wednesday, 13 April 2011

100 Words: Goodbyes

You packed for a holiday - Tio Pepe, wine, fudge, and books. Your summery linen tops and trousers reminders of warm evenings in Greece, people-watching from the balcony.

You'd cleared your flat of any evidence of pills and illness - no telltale bedside boxes of  unpronounceable pain killers or sticky plastic spoons. 

I must admit it was a shock seeing you disguised as someone else in borrowed pyjamas, even though the nurse assured me you'd picked them out yourself. Funny - we had you down as a nightie lady.

But then you always were a bit surprising - I'd no idea you liked fudge.


  1. So poetic and vivid. I could see her in those PJs and enjoying a glass with the fudge.

  2. Beautiful SF! We know so much about her in such little space. Very well done 100. Just lovely. :)

  3. Shopgirl - Thank you. Sometimes it's hard to step back and see how things come across.

    Jayne - Thanks to you as well. I wish I could write a bit more. About anything really!

  4. I missed this when it was new. Lovely. I like the touch of humour in it that makes it so warm.

    Fab writing.

  5. Bag lady sent me and i'm glad. Joy! :)

  6. Baglady - Lovely of you to leave a comment and thank you.

    Just Sayin' - Thanks for dropping by.