Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sound Effects

Saturday night buzzes with a familiar soundtrack. The low rumble of buses and the idling car with a dizzying bass can make the loose pane in the front door tremble. At twelve, or just after, there'll be the clatter, slam, lock of the shop window shutter.

Once in a while a shrill, late night post-pub spat punctures a stretch of dark quiet before fade out.

Early Sunday and the volume is turned right down and the place seems altogether more sleepy. My drowsy band of slippered feet and tea sippers and the muffled drumming of next door's washer on spin make up the morning's background score.

Sometimes there is a window of four or five or six seconds of silence.

Sometimes you notice it.


  1. Nice post - I'd like to read some longer stuff like this.

  2. Oh my goodness, I like this. Can hear it all. And the few moments of silence sound magnificent, too!

  3. A sweet little post! I thoroughly enjoyed.

  4. What a beautiful observation of sounds, especially the part about the silence (rests) in between. The rhapsody of city life. I love it.

  5. Philip - I'm sometimes not sure how to judge post length. So thank you for this.

    Jayne - Think I need some double-glazing! Those pauses are quite nice.

    Dani - Glad you enjoyed reading it.

    Shopgirl - Funny how you get used to all the outside sounds that initially were so annoying. Part of city life I suppose.