Sunday, 1 August 2010

Birthday Cakes

Almost feeling sick and in need of some fruit, water or at least a plate of steamed vegetables. All on account of the quantities of cake batter that have been mixed here recently.

Y'see there's been a birthday in this house and - as is the norm in our family - there's never just one birthday related event to be catered for. This particular celebration required three: the family do, the other one and then the extra birthday treat type outing. So three cakes. And then of course there was the experimental cooking happening with left-over biscuit mix/brownie batter. I don't know how to spell how I feel after visualising that one.

So am I over compensating for something? Probably. Showing my love through baked goods? It appears that way. Whatever - all ended well, the day was enjoyed and without too many tears, but I now have tummy ache and am looking for a good home for the last of the brownies.

This photograph below shows eight candles on a very tiny cake. By this stage we all - birthday boy included - couldn't really look at anything sweet or baked and this suggestion of birthday-ness was divided into three little morsels for those who decided to go for it.

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